North Carolina’s Clean Energy Plan, a proposal put together by the Department of Environmental Quality at the behest of Gov. Roy Cooper, calls for a 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity by 2030, and carbon neutrality by 2050. So how do we reach those goals? Duke Energy created a menu of options based on Cooper’s goals. Locke’s Brian Balfour explains.

In response to the governor’s goals and to Duke Energy’s options to meet those goals, Locke commissioned a study. It spells out just how superior nuclear and natural gas are in achieving carbon emission reduction goals. Relying more heavily on solar and wind is “an expensive, wasteful, and risky means of achieving the state’s emissions goal,” according to the study. In terms of affordability, efficiency, reliability and, yes, environmental concerns, nuclear and natural gas blow solar and wind out of the water.

Brian Balfour explains why these options are superior.