EdChoice released its rankings of states based on Educational Choice Share, the proportion of all K–12 students who are enrolled in an education savings account, school voucher, or tax-credit scholarship program.  On this measure (and excluding the District of Columbia), North Carolina ranked 12th in the nation with an EdChoice Share of 0.8%

Because of North Carolina’s massive school choice population, I prefer the public district school share number, which is also included in the EdChoice ranking table.  On this measure (and again excluding D.C.), North Carolina ranked 9th in the nation with 80.7% of students in district schools.  I suspect that North Carolina will surpass Wisconsin and New York next year.

Speaking of homeschools, North Carolina has the largest share of homeschool students in the nation.  It’s not even close.  The state’s 7.6% rate is more than double the next state in the ranking, Arkansas.