The Greensboro News & Record published Terry Stoops’ column on teacher recruitment challenges in high-demand subject areas. The Kernersville News published a column from John Locke Foundation Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato panning North Carolina’s new tax on e-cigarettes. N.C. Senate Republicans promoted Cordato’s column explaining the problems created by Seattle’s new minimum wage of $15 per hour. picked up Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ research newsletter on fracking regulations, along with Katherine Restrepo’s newsletter on a key Medicaid flaw. N.C. Senate Republicans also highlighted Restrepo’s column. The Mount Airy News published Restrepo’s column on unleashing a competitive health insurance market.

In other items of interest, News & Observer columnist Rob Christensen mentioned the John Locke Foundation in a column on “libertarian conservatism.” The N&O‘s “Under the Dome” blog cited JLF while promoting Christensen’s column. A Tribune Newspapers article noted JLF’s positive online transparency grades for Asheville and Buncombe County governments.