WTVD Television asked John Locke Foundation Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops to rebut claims that North Carolina is undergoing a mass teacher exodus because of pay issues. Stoops joins Bill LuMaye this afternoon on Talk Radio WPTF to discuss recent developments in the N.C. General Assembly’s teacher pay negotiations.

Earlier this week, LuMaye highlighted Stoops’ “Locker Room” blog entry poking holes in the story of a North Carolina teacher fleeing to Ohio for higher pay. The News & Observer and Cary News published a story quoting Stoops on the Wake County Public School System’s decision to hire an administrator devoted to equity issues. The N.C. Spin website highlighted Stoops’ “Locker Room” blog entry rebutting a misleading television report on North Carolina’s education spending history.

The Kernersville News, Laurinburg Exchange, and Mount Airy News published Health and Human Services Policy Analyst Katherine Restrepo‘s recent column on an Obamacare provision targeting small businesses. NCPoliticalNews.com promoted Restrepo’s research newsletter on United Healthcare‘s decision to re-enter North Carolina’s health insurance market. Restrepo discussed Obamacare lawsuits and free-market alternatives to the Affordable Care Act during a speech to the Carolina Preserve Club in Cary.

Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry and Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato published a new Spotlight report urging North Carolina lawmakers to reverse course and repeal their newly enacted tax on electronic cigarettes. NCPoliticalNews.com promoted Cordato’s research newsletter exposing myths about a scientific consensus on global warming issues.

A Rocky Mount Telegram editorial publicized Economics and Regulatory Policy Analyst Michael Lowrey‘s By The Numbers report of local government tax-and-fee burdens.