The Education Intelligence Agency lists the 17 most memorable quotes of the last decade.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“People take money every day for things I would not do? there are people that are paid to be assassins. Sometimes it’s just not worth the sacrifice you would have to make for the money.” – Metro Nashville Education Association President Jamye Merritt, explaining why her union opposes performance pay. (January 7, 2007 Tennessean)

“What worries me at the moment are the unintended effects of this ‘choice’ agenda. The Government is keen to give parents choice over which school their children attend. So lots of people are no longer sending their children to local schools. That has led to more and more children going by car instead of walking and we know that lower levels of physical activity can lead to obesity.” – Roger Mackett, University College, London. (January 16, 2009 London Daily Telegraph)

“If they don’t agree to everything I want, we will be in impasse.” – United Teachers of Dade President Pat Tornillo, describing his approach to emergency labor negotiations with the Miami-Dade County School Board. (January 16, 2002 Miami Herald)

“Folks, we’re in trouble. If we were in private business, we’d be out of business.” – Kenneth Burnley, chief executive officer of the Detroit Public Schools. (April 6, 2001 Detroit News)