I inherited an old recipe box from my mom. Not really needing a recipe box (like most folks these days, I go online when I need a recipe), I rifled through it to fish out any family recipes it might contain before throwing the rest away. While doing so, I came across this recipe for sweet potato biscuits:

I decided to keep that one since sweet potato biscuits sound yummy.

Then I flipped the card over and discovered that the recipe was from the Elaine Marshall for NC Senate campaign:

So, according to Marshall’s sweet potato biscuit recipe card, the top two positions in her 1992 Democratic primary campaign for NC State Senate were to pass laws to put more people in prison and to expand prison compacity to handle the resulting influx of new prisoners.

Marshall became NC Secretary of State in 1997 after serving the NC Senate.

(And yes, recipes from candidates were a thing. I have a small cookbook from Jim Broyhill’s 1986 US Senate campaign.)