This week’s vice presidential debate prompted WLTT Radio morning program host Chad Adams to highlight Roy Cordato‘s expertise this week. The John Locke Foundation’s Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar discussed with Adams the influence of novelist and Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand on Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s thinking.

The upcoming election also generated a WWNC Radio interview for Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray, who spoke with Pete Kaliner in Asheville on the way home from a speaking engagement. Gray and Executive Vice President Kory Swanson discussed the differences between conservatives and liberals during a presentation for a Tea Party group in Waynesville.

Gray and Swanson also participated in the North Mecklenburg Republican Women’s annual “pig pickin’ and politickin'” event. Gray heads east this weekend for a Holden Beach Tea Party rally and the Brunswick County Republican Party’s pre-election meet-and-greet event. Gray continues her semiweekly politics and public policy updates for WTSB Radio listeners.

Director of Communications Mitch Kokai previewed the vice presidential debate and discussed recent developments in the North Carolina governor’s race during his latest appearance on News 14 Carolina’s “Capital Tonight.” Kokai, Cordato, and Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Fergus Hodgson all have contributed essays — posted anonymously at this point — to a new News & Observer blog called “Everything Questioned” that features 300-word opinion pieces on a range of election-related topics.

The Greensboro News & Record interviewed N.C. Education Alliance Director Lindalyn Kakadelis for an article comparing the education platforms of the two major-party candidates for governor. The Beaufort Observer cited Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article profiling the N.C. Supreme Court election. An Asheville Citizen-Times article cited JLF as a group influencing a group of conservative school board candidates.

N.C. Senate Republicans have promoted in their daily press emails a series of CJ‘s election-related articles: JLF President John Hood‘s debate analysis, contributor Matthew Milliken‘s report on the state superintendent of public instruction race, contributor Karen McMahan‘s House District 35 profile, contributor Kristy Bailey‘s Senate District 25 preview, Piedmont Publius blogger Sam Hieb‘s House District 88 profile, and Carolina Journal Radio Co-Host Donna Martinez‘s report on N.C. Senate District 19. Outside of election coverage, the Senate GOP also promoted Hood’s column on the damage associated with a growing regulatory burden.