Scott Powell writes for the American Thinker about the importance of election integrity.

During the last year and half it’s become obvious to anyone whose head is not in the sand that America has been under assault on multiple levels from within. There is no denying that the COVID-19 viral invasion was a catalyst for so much of the disruption of 2020, culminating in election irregularity in November.

By spring 2020, normal activities and businesses were largely shut down nationwide by federal and local governments’ response to COVID-19. Antifa and BLM protests and riots in May and June brought the costliest manmade damage to American property in history. Then the cancel culture, already ensconced and in control of college and university campuses, came to the streets and parks of America in the tearing down historic monuments — all the while law enforcement was coming under severe attack with numerous police departments facing prospects of defunding.

This lockdown-crisis environment gave Democrats an opportunity to push for change in state election rules to their advantage, such as allowing wholesale distribution of mail-in ballots, extension of deadlines for counting those ballots, and legal challenges to voter ID and signature verification laws. And we all now know the result: the November 3rd election was characterized by unprecedented election irregularities and charges of vote fraud in more states than any prior election.

The confluence of all this has certainly brought on confusion for many Americans. But a significant group of people believe they see things with clarity. Where I live in South Florida it’s an incredible melting pot of people — immigrants from all over the world. Many of my acquaintances and friends — from Eastern and Slavic Europe and Russia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia — have commented that what they see going on in America is a fairly classic communist-type subversion. They believe that the takedown of America is well advanced and now poses a real threat to continuation of the United States as a free nation.