From Carolina Journal’s Barry Smith:


Senate Republicans unveiled a voter ID bill Thursday that resembles a version the House passed earlier this year, with a handful of glaring differences. Senate Rules Committee Chairman Tom Apodaca, R-Henderson, also said other election-related measures — including several affecting early voting — could be folded into the bill.

The Senate version of House Bill 589 would not recognize ID cards issued by the University of North Carolina system, state community colleges, private employers, local governments, and law enforcement agencies for the purpose of voting. The House bill would.

The Senate also would not establish an advisory board within the State Board of Elections, the way the House bill would.

The Senate bill is likely to come before the chamber Tuesday. If approved, it’s possible the House will not concur, requiring any final negotiated version to move quickly for adoption. Senate and House leaders have said they plan to adjourn the session no later than Thursday.

Apodaca said GOP senators wanted to tighten up the photo ID requirement regarding university IDs, saying there was a concern about the guidelines for college IDs. There was also a concern that out-of-state residents could end up casting ballots.

“They could come here and vote and vote absentee up in New York,” Apodaca said.