State Board of Elections Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell is urging the General Assembly to give municipalities the ability to delay their local elections. But, as Locke’s Andy Jackson explains, lawmakers have a better solution to Brinson Bell’s concern about Census Bureau data. Their solution is one that doesn’t threaten our right to regular elections, as her proposal would.

First, Andy explains why there’s even a question about whether or not municipal elections will be held this year.

So it’s a legitimate question and concern about the Census data. In that regard, Brinson Bell is correct. But delaying all elections is an extreme solution that should alarm every North Carolinian. If adopted, I fear it would set a precedent for similar actions in the future.

Here is what Brinson Bell did. WATCH:

The North Carolina Senate has a much better plan to address the Census data concern. Andy lays out what it is, and why it protects voters’ right to regular elections.

Proposals such as the one Brinson Bell has made may seem like just a ‘paperwork’ decision. It’s not. It could have big consequences on you, and on me. That’s why Locke is watching the actions of the elections board, and its director, quite closely. Keeping watch over North Carolina elections, voter integrity, and your rights. That’s the mission of Locke’s Andy Jackson. You’ll find an archive of his work here and here.