The Winston-Salem Journal follows up this Camel City Dispatch report the WSFCS school board member and 5th District Congressional candidate Elisabeth Motsinger was once part of an Indian cult headed by one Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Motsinger readily acknowledged her association with Rajneesh, and the Camel City Dispatch report states that Motsinger’s husband confirmed his wife’s past. In fact, many of Elisabeth Motsinger’s friends still refer to her as Kavyo, the nickname Rajeesh gave her.

What Motsinger did claim, however, was the Camel City Dispatch editor Chad Nance has an axe to grind because he was not hired as her campaign manager. Motsinger claims Nance paid a visit to campaign headquarters and threatened to ‘make it impossible for you to live in this town.’

As of now, Rep. Virginia Foxx’s office has not responded to the story. It will to interesting to see if they bite as the campaign head down the stretch, or if they will simply continue to emphasize the clear choice facing voters in November.