NYT’s Sunday Styles section writes up Elizabeth Edwards, who is portrayed in a not-so-flattering light in the new book Game Change:


As she braces herself against the current media storm (and prepares for another tell-all next month from a former aide), Mrs. Edwards might do well to remember her past. She was perhaps never more admired than in her most notable moment of absence: when she chose not to appear by her husband’s side as he went on “Nightline” in 2008 to make his mea culpas about the Hunter affair to the American public.

She was contrasted favorably then with another wronged wife of that year, Silda Wall Spitzer, who stood quietly and wretchedly at her husband’s side as he admitted to the sexual misdeeds that led him to resign as New York’s governor.

But now the silent, stalwart Mrs. Spitzer — private, dignified, ultimately controlling her story by the very act of not telling it — doesn’t look like such a sap.

Apparently the Times has become somewhat disillusioned with Ms. Edwards.