News coverage of the great purchase by Buncombe County of emergency land adds no more information. Any bombast will capture the promulgation. The vote was split 4-3 along party lines, so it must be a Democrat business. Since we don’t get into politics on this site, I cannot speculate on whether it manufactures Democrats (like the little androids popping out of the dough machine on Lost in Space) or just promotes a cause (like lawsuits or whatever a big anti-fracking factory would make).

Continuing the train of thought was a discussion about videotaping closed sessions. This also, freakishly, is a partisan issue, with Democrats saying it is a bad idea. Concerns were raised that cronies needed to keep everything on the lamb:

Ben Teague, director of the Asheville Economic Development Coalition . . . noted that it’s very important to maintain trust during the process, stating that not all businesses care to have their private discussions aired as public record during the course of a potential development.

And that, my friend, is a case of public risk for private benefit.