Contamination is the big thing these days. I remain of the minority opinion that the CTS scare was only an attempt to get city water. As you probably know, many headlines were made as minority concerns on the Buncombe County School Board requested more and more testing of groundwater at the location for the proposed new STEM school. I used to work in that building, and I had students who worked at the old Square D plant, the source of the alleged contamination. Superintendent Tony Baldwin said he now works with many other government employees in the rehabbed Square D plant. Furthermore, all tests indicated the ground was not contaminated; and the facility has always used city water. The Buncombe County Commissioners were convinced there was not a problem and approved funding as a go-ahead for the school.

But now, using the syntactically-tortured, political-correctically phraseology, contamination has been found at the Grove Park Inn golf course. Would you believe pesticides have been detected?