It is, if we allow it:

Toronto’s Globe & Mail quotes a UN report that includes this observation: “Within a decade or so, North America will almost certainly emerge as the world’s biggest supplier – and exporter – of reasonably cheap energy.”

And, no, it’s not from windmills or solar panels or government-subsidized ethanol:

As The New York Times reported last month, it’s because the U.S. is incredibly rich with natural gas and oil shale deposits that can be reached affordably using hydraulic fracturing, the injection of liquids into rock formations thousands of feet below the drinking water table.

The injections force the gas or oil into recoverable areas, thus opening up millions of new barrels of oil and trillions of feet of natural gas for production here in America.

The question is, will a spineless Congress legislate hurdles that make these sources inaccessible, or will it wake up and understand that rather than dump millions into subsidies for off-in-the-future energy, a mother lode lies for the taking, and taxpayer subsidies are not needed to reach it?