So, I’m out of town for a funeral. I skipped the seven-hour commissioners’ meeting so I could get the boss’ taxes ready for the CPA and file the briefs I had to finish for another outlet before I left town. So now, surrounded by family, including my adorable little niece and nephew, do I dare sit down and listen to that garbage for seven hours? Or do I wait until everybody goes to bed to listen to it? Or do I check into a hotel with their miserable Wi-Fi to watch it buffer very minute or so?

That was just a lead in to today’s lecture in the new sanity. Y’all back in North Carolina know the majority think the legislature is on crack to prevent any convicted child molester from following little girls into the lavatory. All the dude need say is he is identifying as a woman for the moment. Hipsters will say perception (not bodily organs or even DNA testing) is reality and so we are all supposed to be compelled by law to see what is not because the activists – whose priorities include things like abortion, legalized dope, and twisting energy fields – have a monopoly on what reality is supposed to be.

Why do I whine about it again? Well, back in 2012, perhaps a simpler time when more people relied on empiricism but maybe not, a lady drank herself to her death in a local resort. It turns out it is probably going to be the fault of the hotel because, well, even though we are technically forbidden to know if this was a lady or not, and even though he/she/it-what was not likely to drive, staying in the motel with her/his/its-what husband for their anniversary, any member on the hotel’s staff was supposed to plainly see and prevent what would happen. Saith Asheville’s local daily;

The estate of a Charlotte woman [sic.] who apparently drank herself [sic.] to death on her 10th wedding anniversary during a 2012 visit to the Crowne Plaza Resort can continue its lawsuit against resort companies for damages, the state Court of Appeals has ruled.