Michael Bastasch explains for Daily Caller readers why those who depart from conventional wisdom in the global warming debate will have a hard time sharing their thoughts with the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said she’s done talking to “climate deniers” who don’t think human activities are causing global warming.

“If they haven’t figured out by now, what in God’s name could anyone say to them?” McCarthy said in a Facebook Live interview with Mashable Tuesday.

“I don’t check out flat Earth society and I’m not talking to climate deniers,” she said. “That’s it. Sorry, I know I’m supposed to be for everybody, but my patience has worn thin over eight years.”

McCarthy has been one of the more controversial EPA chiefs since the agency’s global warming rule, called the Clean Power Plan, was finalized under her watch. Republicans even called for her resignation in the wake of the EPA-caused Gold King Mine spill in 2015. …

… This isn’t the first time McCarthy has singled out “climate deniers.” She said “normal people” not global warming skeptics would win the climate debate in a June 2015 speech at a White House summit.

“I am doing that not to push back on climate deniers,” she said. “You can have fun doing that if you want, but I’ve batted my head against the wall too many times and if the science already hasn’t changed their mind it never will.”