That Eric Holder’s Justice Department gives a bad name to the word “justice” is not news. His water-carrying for the New Black Panther Party in the most blatant voter-intimidation case since the Jim Crow era is well-known, as is his attempt to cover up the politicization of the case.

But Quin Hillyer, currently with The Spectator and late of The Washington Examiner, unmasks Holder and his radical priests in the department like no one has:

The abuses by the Holderites are legion. They range from DOJ’s infamous abandonment of the already-won voter-intimidation case against several New Black Panthers to multi-faceted assaults on traditional standards of voting rights and obligations; from a growing list of lawsuits deliberately destructive of border security and citizenship laws to outrageously race-based bullying tactics; from efforts to undermine military discipline and state sovereignty on homosexual-related issues to the dangerous obsession with terrorists’ “rights” to the detriment of national security; and, finally, to the selection of judges openly contemptuous of the existing law-all while dedicated to a vision of judge-imposed “universal justice” based not on the text of American statutes but instead on the reigning cultural standards of coastal and international elites. While doing all this, the Holderites operate the least transparent DOJ in decades, treat congressmen and independent agencies with contempt, and claim breathtakingly spurious “privileges” against disclosure of public information.

This isn’t law enforcement and it isn’t justice, but instead is subversive of both.

It will be interesting to see what the Holder voting-rights radicals have to say about the blatant law-breaking by casinos and unions in Nevada in an effort to assist Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid in his race against Republican Sharron Angle. Employers checking employees off on voting records, and asking them why they haven’t voted, is simply unacceptable behavior in the kind of America we used to know. Frankly, I haven’t much faith that this will even come up on the Holder radar screen.

Read Hillyer’s whole piece. It will chill you to the bone.