JLF’s Jordan Roberts explains the benefits of allowing associated health plans:

Under the Affordable Care Act, the people who were hurt the most were individuals, small businesses, self-employed owners, and virtually anyone who was not a part of a business with more than 51 employees. Large employers were exempt from many of the requirements placed on those who would buy insurance in the small group markets. Allowing AHPs in North Carolina would give those who would otherwise be subject to the onerous regulations in small group and individual markets the power to band together and purchase insurance as a large group.  Moreover, large groups that purchase health insurance can reduce administrative costs, offer more flexibility when determining group plan premiums, and provide coverage that more closely reflects the needs of its members.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that 110,000 people could benefit from allowing AHPs to operate more freely in North Carolina.  Members of the North Carolina General Assembly should work with all stakeholders to find the best way to allow small businesses and working owners to maximize access to these affordable plans.

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