Someone please find the actual fault in this. Because it seems like human decency to me, the kind of human decency we’d rather see a lot more of:

Raleigh Raw, which has been using specialized equipment to make cold-pressed juice for about three years, opened its Hargett Street location in April. The shop sells juice, as well as items such as smoothies, matcha beverages (ground green tea), grab-and-go salads and snacks.

On Friday, the store’s social media account posted about people from a local group that came in to buy drinks for other customers and to pass out flowers. The post suggested that other people

— brace yourselves —

“don’t protest against what you hate … instead promote what you love.”

People did nice things, and a proud owner said nice things about people doing nice things in his store, drawing a lesson for people to do nice things everywhere.

Fortunately, there are hair-trigger social activists out there who can, as Delbert Grady might put it, correct them. If you still don’t see the grave social offense in “promote what you love,” read on.

Some took the post, which was later deleted, as criticism of last week’s protests in Charlotte that started after a police officer shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott. On social media, some commenters said they thought Fouad did not support the protests in Charlotte as a way to make change in the community.

Doing nice things for other people out of love can be offensive, you see. A proper social justice warrior has to know when setting a good example for others is counterproductive to the common good, such as when the political message of the day is acting as if rioting, looting, and destroying property at random are good things. An improper sentiment needs correcting.

Well, Raleigh Raw was corrected, sir:

A downtown juice bar and cafe that was the subject of a social media firestorm last week was broken into on Sunday morning.

Thieves took more than $5,000 worth of electronics, cash and merchandise from Raleigh Raw on Hargett Street.

One hopes that treating others with unlooked-for kindness because that’s what you’d like to see more of in society becomes correct again sometime soon.