In preparing this morning?s Daily Journal column on the fate of climate-change alarmism, I asked Roy Cordato for some useful links. Here?s one of the pieces he forwarded, with a fantastic bit of honesty from one of the alarmists, Jerry Mahlman of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Check out these excerpts:

Salazar: Well, what you?ve described sounds pretty serious. It?s almost something like a war on carbon emissions, and I?d imagine war rationing to be, say, 50 percent of my consumption.

Mahlman: Well, it turns out that every person in the world would have to do that, only twice as good as that. You?d have to cut it by 75 percent.

That?s a horrific number if you think about everything that you do: whether it?s talking on the telephone, or diving our cars, or heating or cooling our homes. Think of everything that?s manufactured, energy used to extract metals, for example. So the answer is 75 percent, if the entire world were going to participate.

Salazar: What does a 75 percent cut in personal emissions look like?

Mahlman: You would have to have a radical change in your lifestyle.

And what would we get for this radical change in lifestyle? Again, from Mahlman:

…[S]uppose that we?re able to produce the miracle ? the absolute miracle ? of reducing 75% in our emissions globally. Guess what? Over the next hundred years, the Earth would warm up another degree Fahrenheit, even though we produced that miraculous result.