During the recent elections, there was a lot
of discussion about evening up the playing field in politics.  We?ve heard strong arguments for an
independent redistricting commission. 
We?ve heard pleas for requiring voters to show identification.  There have been debates about the
policy and legality of taxpayer funded campaigns.  Many have suggested that re-placing party designation for
judicial candidates
provides important information to voters.    

Another issue
is the funding of campaigns. Right now, everyone?s contributions to political
campaigns are limited to $4,000. 
EXCEPT, that is, for contributions from political parties.  The effect of allowing political
parties to make unlimited contributions is to make the political parties far
too powerful and is probably the biggest reason why there’s such a
concentration of power problem in North Carolina.

Whoever controls the purse of
the party controls who?s in and what happens in the legislature. Ideally, all
limits would be lifted and disclosure would be complete but until that becomes
possible, it would be a good idea to limit political parties to $4,000
contributions ? just like everyone else. 

In short, all contributions should be limited or none should.  It?s called a fair playing field when
everyone plays by the same rules.   

No doubt,
these debates will continue when the new General Assembly convenes next
month.  Here?s hoping fairness wins