Sep 21
Creating Robust Communities Through Work & Economic Opportunity

  September 21, 2020, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

COVID-19 shutdowns have altered the economic reality for North Carolinians, hundreds of thousands of whom find themselves unemployed and searching for ways to sustain themselves and their families. The heartbreak of this pandemic has made all too vivid what we already knew to be true: work and economic opportunity are vital to personal fulfillment and community resilience. In this conversation, we’ll hear from leaders who’ve dedicated their lives to lifting up those in need and to lighting a pathway of opportunity for every person, regardless of background or challenges. We’ll talk about the dignity of work, the difficulties faced by vulnerable groups, particular challenges for the long-term unemployed and those with addictions, the incredible talents offered by those leaving the military, the benefits of encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, and the importance of personal as well as professional growth.

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