Feb 01
Ensuring Greater Access To Affordable Care: Why N.C.’s Certificate-of-Need Law Hurts North Carolinians

  February 1, 2021, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

As North Carolinians grapple with the high cost of health insurance and medical care, an archaic state law continues to block access to affordable, convenient care to treat both physical and mental health. In this conversation, we’ll talk with the author of a new study of academic research that illustrates the impact of our state’s certificate-of-need laws and the benefits of mitigating CON’s negative effects on care and costs. We’ll also hear from a North Carolina radiologist and medical director who’s been through the arduous CON process and hear about the barrier presented by CON in his quest to better serve his patients. We’ll get perspective from a leader in the health insurance industry, and we’ll look at the prospects for repealing the law in the General Assembly.

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