Oct 05
Flipping North Carolina Blue: Exposing The Left’s Plans To Seize Power

  October 5, 2020, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

ll eyes are on North Carolina and our role as a make-or-break state in the race for the White House and the United States Senate. But the stakes in 2020 are much more consequential than that. High-powered, well-funded Leftists and their Democrat allies have been targeting North Carolina for political takeover for years. Their well-coordinated strategy isn’t just about winning elections for federal office or for claiming victory at the ballot box in one election. Their plan is long-term. It’s to take control of every level of North Carolina government through elections, through lawsuits, through the redrawing of election maps, and through coordinated activism from a web of groups with ties to the most powerful Leftists in our country. Look west to Colorado for a reality check on the dramatic changes that will descend on North Carolina unless the forces for freedom and opportunity prevail in this ideological and political battle. In this conversation, our experts will expose the plans and the people who are seeking to flip North Carolina blue, and we’ll discuss how North Carolinians will be impacted if they prevail.

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