Poll after poll shows President Joe Biden is losing support, particularly with independent voters who were key in sending him to the White House. In North Carolina, the latest Civitas Poll of likely 2022 North Carolina voters gives him an abysmal job approval rating of just 42%.

So what has gone wrong for the man who ran as a centrist unifier for our country? In this conversation, we’ll talk with a constitutional law expert about Biden’s muscular use of executive power, including his push to have employers with more than 100 workers require a COVID-19 vaccination to work. We’ll get analysis on falling poll numbers as the 2022 midterm elections loom and massive spending plans are being negotiated, and we’ll explore the bumps that could be ahead for Republicans as they seek to capitalize on Biden’s problems.

Please note: This is an online event. This event will be streamed live from our YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and homepage at 12:00 pm on Monday, October 18, 2021.