The prowess of North Carolina basketball is the product of competition, says Richard Vinroot, who played for the legendary Dean Smith in the early 1960s.

In the early 1950’s Carolina hired Coach Frank McGuire to coach its basketball team to compete more effectively against N.C. State, then led by Coach Everett Case. Duke hired Coach K in the early 1980’s to better compete against Coach Dean Smith at Carolina. As a consequence, N.C. State, Carolina, and Duke collectively have won 12 NCAA basketball championships during the past 59 years!

In this presentation, Vinroot will explain his belief that competition between public school systems, charter schools, and private schools under the Opportunity Scholarship Program can—and should—have the same impact. All three (like N.C. State, Carolina, and Duke) must get better in order to retain the privilege of teaching our children.

Here is his full presentation from 1/23/2017.