From its onset, the coronavirus pandemic has proven too great a temptation for state governors to trample our rights under cover of protecting public health.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is one of the top offenders. For well over a year, he has exercised unprecedented, arbitrary power over North Carolinians’ lives. Even with COVID-19 vaccines, he still plays cat-and-mouse with an expiration date for his unilateral micromanagement.

But there is hope. While Gov. Cooper uses the state’s Emergency Management Act to justify his continued power grabs, challenges are brewing in legislative and judicial arenas that take aim at the Act itself.

The North Carolina General Assembly is considering statutory reforms to rein in the Act’s executive reach. And a growing number of legal challenges target the Act’s constitutional flaws.

Will the pandemic end before constitutionally protected freedoms can be vindicated?

The race is on. On May 24, please join Pacific Legal Foundation and the John Locke Foundation to learn more about efforts to curb executive overreach in the Tar Heel State and how to apply these lessons in your own state.

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