As the calendar prepares to turn to a new year and a new election cycle, one key 2020 race is still being contested. What comes next in the race for Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, where challenges linger over Republican Paul Newby’s apparent win over Democrat incumbent Chief Justice Cheri Beasley? We’ll ask our panel to clarify what’s ahead in the race and for how long. We’ll also look at the continuing litigation over requiring an I.D. to vote in North Carolina. In a scathing rebuke, a federal court has reversed a lower court ruling that struck down the law that implemented a voter I.D. requirement, which North Carolinians approved at the ballot box. But that case isn’t the end of the fight. There’s also a challenge to voter I.D. in state court. The intrigue is playing out as the redrawing of election districts looms ahead and as North Carolinians demand election integrity.