More and more North Carolinians are looking for ways to sell their farm products to existing large markets and emerging niche sectors. But standing in the way of these entrepreneurs is a web of regulations that impact production and processing. These government-imposed rules have a direct impact on whether agriculture will welcome new players or squelch the development of new products and easy access that consumers demand. In this conversation, we’ll talk about the freedom to farm, as detailed in a new Locke-commissioned analysis of the structure and differences in seven southern states – including North Carolina. We’ll look at federal regulations that govern farms with dairy and cattle herds, learn about developing cottage industries, discuss how North Carolina rules are hindering our food and business culture, and get perspective on food supply issues and national security.

Please Note: This is an online event. This event will be streamed live from our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and homepage at 12:00 pm on Monday, September 27, 2021.