Pacific Legal Foundation & John Locke Foundation

invite you to join us on June 26 for barbeque, bluegrass, and beer at the


Join Pacific Legal Foundation and the John Locke Foundation as we celebrate North Carolinians’ right to earn an honest living at the Fruits of Their Own Labor Fest on Sunday, June 26, 2022 in Greenville, NC.

Since 1868, the North Carolina Constitution has guaranteed the right to pursue an “ordinary occupation.” But this is no “ordinary” constitutional right—North Carolina’s constitution is the only state constitution with such a provision!

At the Fruits of Their Own Labor Fest, we’ll enjoy barbeque, live bluegrass, and beer while we share stories about what the Fruits of Their Own Labor clause means for North Carolina small business owners and entrepreneurs like our host Crystal Waldron, co-owner of Club 519, and pitmaster Mark Shirley, who’ll be serving Eastern North Carolina-style barbeque from his food truck Ole Time Smokehouse.

We’ll also hear about a brand-new lawsuit from Outer Banks entrepreneur Ami Hill, who is fighting to save her art business.

With brews courtesy of Club 519, giveaways, and other surprises in store, the Fruits of Their Own Labor Fest is like an early Fourth of July celebration—just for North Carolinians.

Amy O. Cooke, John Locke Foundation
Donna Matias, Pacific Legal Foundation
Jessica Thompson, Pacific Legal Foundation