A key legal case that will determine the fate of voter ID in North Carolina now sits with the N.C. Supreme Court. Opponents have already succeeded in preventing the implementation of ID for multiple election cycles. But a new scheme to boot two Republican justices from the state’s highest court – preventing Justice Tamara Barringer and Justice Phil Berger, Jr. from voting on the case – would hand Democrats a 4-1 majority from which to rule on the fate of ID. In this conversation, we’ll lay out what we know from the NAACP’s court filings and drill down into the scheme that would potentially nullify the will of 2 million voters who said yes to voter ID in 2018 and leave the credibility of the N.C. Supreme Court in tatters.

Please Note: This is an online event. This event will be streamed live from our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and homepage at 12:00 pm on Monday, October 4, 2021.