It appears one of the largest employers and tax generators in Western North Carolina (since everything exists for the pleasure of government) could up and out because new environmental regulations deem its current operations a clear and present danger to life on earth as we know it. Rumor has it the Evergreen Packaging plant is for sale, but big media outlets aren’t on the story.

The last I heard, the plant was scrambling for $12 million in state assistance to help it complete $50 million in renovations to meet new federal emissions guidelines, so the threat of sale may only be posturing to demonstrate “but-for” status. However, regardless of whether the sale is an honest business move or a manipulative psych-out, it is evident that the private sector is being strangled to the point of surrendering to the hook of corporate welfare or going out of business.

The EPA has known full well for some time that about 1000 coal-fired plants in this country did not meet the new soul-selling standards. Evergreen, though headquartered for the time being in Canton, has plants elsewhere in the US, at least one of which has announced a shutdown with 100 layoffs. The company also has plants in other parts of the world.

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