Here’s my new favorite e-mail message (with expletives removed):

Sir, you are a big D—. Learn some integrity. Oh, yeah you write like a prick in high school trying to get away with an “A” paper that barely deserves an F-. F— YOU, F— YOUR magazine, F— YOUR STUPID FAMILY, if you have one I feel sorry that they have a F—WIT as a husband and father. CONGRATULATIONS on wasting my time at your D—TACULAR sense of S—DOM. I hope your fingers get gangrene so that they fall off so that you can’t write anymore DIARRHEA.

Just in case you don’t get it, F— OFF AND STOP BEING A PIECE OF RUNNY S— D—-FOR-BRAINS.

So, why is your family stupid, if you have one? Cause you have a dumb wife willing to marry you. Your kids have inherited your STUPID DNA. You are responsible for creating more stupid people in this world. Thanks for nothing CAPTAIN F—HEAD.

Hey, that’s Mr. Capt. F—head to you!

This character apparently approves of the message: