Jim Geraghty of National Review Online compiles a list of the president’s problematic statements and actions.

In the past two weeks or so, President Biden has …

*insisted that the economy is “strong as hell” (it isn’t; even the Nation is begging him to stop bragging about how great the economy is doing)

*off-the-cuff claimed that the situation in Ukraine was headed toward “Armageddon” (so far, it hasn’t, and no one else in the U.S. government seemed to know what Biden was talking about)

*insisted that his student-loan bailout was passed by Congeress (it wasn’t)

*claimed he had brought down the cost of energy (he hasn’t, by any measure or form, since the start of his presidency) …

*exhibited a long, odd pause during an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, and

*declared that John Fetterman’s wife will make “a great lady in the Senate.”

Please stop telling me that this man, who turns 80 next month, is fine, that he’s sharp as a tack, that he’s not showing signs of old age in his ability to think and speak, and that he’s got so much energy, not even press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre can keep up with him. The president is old, and he’s tired no matter how little he travels and how light his schedule, and he struggles to get through mundane interviews and brief question-and-answer sessions with reporters. Either his staff is feeding him a line of unrealistic happy talk, or he can’t remember what he’s been briefed and just chooses to believe that everything is going fine. We can see this man, we remember what he was like as vice president, and he was not this doddering, this oblivious, this blank-eyed, this stubbornly in denial during the Obama years. …

… If we do get a lot of post-election revelations about Biden’s health … there should be intense and severe rebuke for everyone who has spent the past year insisting that Biden is fine, despite what we are seeing with our own eyes and hearing with our own ears.