Kerry Picket explains in a Daily Caller column why Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s choice of running mate could lead to complications for her campaign.

Bernie Sanders delegates believe that a number of high-profile names being mentioned as options for Hillary Clinton’s running mate are unacceptable, and if she picks one of them, those delegates are be ready to protest the pick in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention in less than two weeks.

According to a survey of Sanders delegates conducted by the Bernie Delegates Network, the numbers show “big concerns about Hillary Clinton’s pending choice of a vice presidential candidate.”

A number of Sanders delegates may be willing to “publicly denounce prospective running-mates and even protest on the convention floor,” a statement from the network said. Sanders endorsed Clinton last week, but not all his voters are enthused by Clinton.

The Bernie Delegates Network is an initiative launched by in partnership with Progressive Democrats of America. More than 250 Sanders delegates participated in the survey via email over the last two days, before the survey was released Saturday.

When asked by surveyors how important Clinton’s vice presidential choice would be to them, 70.6 percent said “very important” or “important.” An additional 13.2 percent said “somewhat important.”