Drew Holden writes for the Washington Free Beacon about mainstream media outlets’ contrasting approaches to similar incidents involving Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Have you heard this one? A Republican president and a Democratic president walked off stage after commencement speeches at military colleges three years apart. The media coverage was a joke.

Then: In 2020, then-President Donald Trump slowly descended a ramp at West Point in New York after taking a weird sip of water, and mainstream media pretended it was a national crisis.

New York Times: “Trump’s Halting Walk Down Ramp Raises New Health Questions”

“President Trump faced new questions about his health on Sunday, after videos emerged of him gingerly walking down a ramp at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and having trouble bringing a glass of water to his mouth during a speech there.” …

… Now: Joe Biden, 80 and seen as too old to be president by most Americans, fell at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado on Thursday, and media rushed to assure the nation that the president was totally “fine,” as per the White House.

Reuters: “Biden Trips and Falls During Graduation Ceremony, Recovers Quickly”

“President Joe Biden tripped and fell after handing out the last diploma at a graduation ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado on Thursday, but got up quickly and walked back to his seat.” …

… New York Times: “Biden Falls Onstage at Air Force Commencement”

“Mr. Biden had delivered an energetic speech to the Air Force graduates before helping to hand out the diplomas. He fell after he distributed the final diploma and was headed back to his seat.”

“‘He’s fine,’ Ben LaBolt, the White House communications director, said in a tweet Thursday afternoon. ‘There was a sandbag on stage while he was shaking hands.'”

“Embarrassing moments are not uncommon for presidents, who spend much of their tenure in front of cameras.”