Pete Kasperowicz of the Washington Examiner highlights high-profile Brexit supporter Nigel Farage’s response to the latest terrorist attack in Manchester, England.

Former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said Wednesday that western countries can’t accept continued terrorist attacks as a new normal, and said doing so effectively means surrendering to terrorism.

“If we accept this as a way of life, that is giving in. It is appeasement. It is surrendering,” he said on Fox News.

“We’ve got to stand strong and say, we are going to stamp out radicalization in our schools, in our prisons and elsewhere,” he added. “We will stop people on terror lists from leaving our country and getting trained in Syria, and we’re going to do something about this.”

“I will never, ever, ever accept this as part of our way of life,” Farage said.

The Brexit supporter spoke one day after British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed that “the terrorists will never win,” but also acknowledged that Britain has been hit by terrorism before.

“But the fact that we have been here before, and the fact that we need to say this again does not make it any less true,” she said.

Farage also agreed with President Trump that the terrorists who continue to attack western countries are “losers.”

“I think for every reason, it’s the right term and we should all go on using it.”