A federal appeals court has ruled on the fate of the Yucca Mountain waste depository site in Nevada, and it’s a thumbs-down on the president’s move to thwart the use of nuclear energy.

Federal officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission acted improperly when they closed down license hearings for Yucca Mountain, a proposed nuclear waste dumping site in Nevada, the DC Appeals Court ruled Tuesday. President Obama shut down the project in 2009.

The 2-1 ruling by a three judge panel directs NRC officials to reopen the process and continue until either Congress “authoritatively says otherwise” or it runs out of funds. The commission currently has $11 million remaining for the process.

So-called “environmentalists” vehemently oppose nuclear energy, despite the fact that it fits perfectly with what they say is their agenda: no greenhouse gas emissions. Despite that, they continue to oppose it.