The Federal Times reports the VA wants to avoid the fate of the General Services Administration, which was rightly excoriated when GSA’s outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars was uncovered. If all this is true about the VA, the VA shouldn’t escape unscathed.

$84,000 in promotional items distributed to the conferences’ 1,829 attendees, including pens and highlighters with VA’s logo.

 $13,000 for about a half-dozen employees’ scouting trips to at least three locations under consideration for the conferences.

At least $100,000 more in other, unspecified waste, bringing the total amount of questionable spending to roughly $200,000

Every federal taxpayer — unfortunately, that’s only half of U.S. households, but I’ll leave tax reform for another blog — should be outraged. Keep this outrageous spending of your money in mind the next time the Left’s defenders of the status quo tell you the federal budget can’t possibly sustain cuts — not even cuts in growth. Hogwash.