William Marshall writes at the Federalist website that the FBI has better things to do than target wealthy parents trying to help their kids get into elite colleges.

As we watch the FBI investigate and help bring criminal charges against scores of wealthy individuals for fraud because they paid some middleman to alter their kids’ college entrance exams or bribe college officials to claim their kids were recruited athletes, I can only think: What chutzpah!

The FBI may have committed the grossest fraud in the history of our country by trying to throw a presidential election through a fraudulent counterintelligence investigation of “Trump-Russia collusion,” using the massive legal and technological authorities at their disposal. And we’re supposed to get worked up by The Greatest College Admissions Fraud Scandal of All Time.

Now, let me be clear (to channel my inner Barack Obama). I am not condoning the payment of enormous sums of money by some rich, pompous parents so some guy can pay some obviously ethically challenged university employees to lie about those parents’ kids having athletic talent so they can be admitted to overpriced, overrated colleges. Or paying a guy to have some minions alter answers on college entrance exams.

Ethically, that is clearly wrong. But should it be criminal? I highly doubt it. …

… The supposedly premier U.S. law enforcement agency—the FBI—is investigating and helping to prosecute several dozen morally compromised parents on fraud charges for helping their kids getting into college.

Yet that same agency appears to have knowingly used a politically manufactured, fraudulent document (the “Steele Dossier”), filled with “salacious and unverified” nonsense, to spy on and attempt to derail the presidential candidate who represented at least one-half of the American electorate. Think about that. That is the height of moral hypocrisy.