JLF’s Mitch Kokai posted earlier today on presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s conspicuous absence from the national stage as the coronavirus carries on.

Never fear– today’s News & Observer has an op-ed by Gene Nichol saying it’s time all Democrats embrace Biden. And what a feeble embrace it is:

He’s not Obama. God knows they wish he was. But he’s sort of like Obama’s trusted uncle. He brings little of the skill or the inspiration or the excitement, but he’s part of the family, a beloved, even if loose-tongued, elder of the tribe. And we’re going with him, they declared. Anything else would be too risky. Too perilous for such times. Even if the pols and pundits don’t see it, we do. We’re focused like a laser on the task before us. We’re required to save our country. And, by God, we’re going to do it.

I’ve become convinced.

No politicization of the coronavirus intended here–it’s just a fact that President Trump is on TV every day and Biden is —nowhere.