For starters, that wise philosopher Roy Williams has been getting a lot of ink for slamming HB2 following UNC’s victory over Notre Dame in Greensboro. Ol’ Roy’s dadgum comments are followed up by a warning from the executive director of the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance that North Carolina stands to lose millions if the NCAA continues to pull out.

So it’s with all this in mind that I watched with interest the chair of Women’s Liberation Front—not exactly a right-wing organization–speak out against transgender rights. But it’s about so much more than bathrooms, Kara Dansky argues:

“We think that ‘women and girls’ are a meaningful category worthy of civil rights protection,” she said. “If we define sex, under Title IX, to mean gender identity, what we’re essentially saying is that ‘women and girl’ can mean anyone who self-identifies as ‘women and girl,’ which makes the category ‘women and girls’ meaningless as a category.”

Dansky said that speaking out on this issue immediately makes you a target for hate.

“We’re called transphobic bigots because we ask questions about gender identity,” Dansky said. “We’re asking questions and we’re standing up for women and girls. And that seems to be not permitted.”

Obviously the irony here is the NCAA leveraged Title IX to transform collegiate sports—and I’ll argue for the better.

Video below—worth the watch.