DWI offenders who refuse to submit to a breathalyzer must have their blood drawn and sent to Raleigh.

In a rational world, one might conclude somebody would have to be drunk to prefer volunteering their blood to a puff of air. Unfortunately, this witch trial does not establish guilt; it sends gobs of blood to Raleigh. In order to unclog the year-long backlog at the crime lab, Senator Tom Apodaca has introduced Senate Bill 3 to request a western regional lab.

If I may, I would call attention to the fact that driving is more important than voting; which is probably as it should be. However, no attempt is made to hold people accountable for doing their small part to rejuvenate the economy or keep the peace while under the influence, not just of alcohol, but crazy mushrooms and whatnot. I was wondering if any studies had been conducted to determine what percentage of voters are stoned out of their gourds.