Last night, I got off early, around 11:17 p.m., but I begged permission to sleep in the office. My leg was killing me. I feared I would destroy any cartilage remaining in the four-hour trek, and I wanted more than five hours of sleep, greedy me. The boss consented, but the sleeping was rough. The AC was way too freezy, my coat was in my car at the shop, and shoes and books were not making the best of pillows. I look forward to driving again. I’m hoping by the wee hours Saturday, I might just carbon footprint myself to the house in twelve minutes and plunge my face into my soft, soft pillow.

I forgot to mention what happened payday. I finally broke loose to run some errands as I walked the boss’ dog around 8:30 at night. When I got to the bank, I realized I had forgotten to sign my check. Just about every joint was closed, and I didn’t want to have to walk 45 minutes back to the office, 45 back to the bank, and then 45 minutes back just to get a pen – but then I really wanted to have some money and I feared what the processing schedule would seemingly randomly require this week. Fortunately, I ran into a FedEx man with a pen down the road at O’Reilly’s. I returned to the bank, only realizing I needed a pen to fill out the deposit envelope. O’Reilly’s was now closed. I managed to make the deposit, but it’s not worth getting into the details. I’m not blaming the greenies for my inability to function on four hours of sleep and a sore foot. Everybody else seemed to manage just fine walking all over in their cars.