The cruel, callous management of Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro wants Bruce Thomas to take his dance act elsewhere:

In the yard of Weaver Street Market in downtown Carrboro, the slim, lithe dancing man seemed more iconic; he was a representation of the creativity that the town boasts as its most stunning asset.

When Thomas feels the groove, there’s nothing that can stop him from shimmying, skipping and two-stepping his way among the co-op’s outdoor patrons.

“That is a common area for the entire Carr Mill Mall,” explained Carr Mill Manager Nathan Milian. “We don’t allow performers to use the lawn without our permission.”

“Our property is commercial,” Milian said. “There are plenty of public areas — the town commons, the farmers market — where he can express himself.”

But some patrons who like Thomas’s gyrations are calling his removal “discrimination.”

“It’s a combination of creative movements,” Thomas said. “I call it ‘Dancing for the glory of God.'”

If it’s for the glory of God, then the ACLU isn’t going to let him dance on the town commons either.