Here’s some good news for my alma mater. UNC Chapel Hill has received a “green light” rating for free speech.

The university previously had a “yellow light” rating because of a couple of concerns about freedom of expression on campus. The ratings are given by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

FIRE’s web page says it has been working with the university’s administration to address the two concerns. Said FIRE:

UNC revised the first policy, concerning distribution of student flyers in residence halls, in May 2014. The university recently eliminated its lone remaining speech code, which banned speech that “disparages” another person.

A college or university gets a “green light:”

If a college or university’s policies do not seriously imperil speech, that college or university receives a “green light.” A green light does not indicate that a school actively supports free expression. It simply means that FIRE is not currently aware of any serious threats to students’ free speech rights in the policies on that campus.

You can read more specifics about UNC’s policy’s here.