Fair warning — there is crude language in the stories I’m blogging about below. 

For several years, the late David Bowden proclaimed his beef with the Town of Cary on his famous sign — Screwed by the Town of Cary. Bowden believed the town had caused damage to his home, and he put up the sign to bring attention to his fight against city hall and hoped it would bring a resolution he desired.

Now we learn of a restaurant owner in Winston-Salem who’s irked by the city’s very detailed electronic sign ordinance. So he’s fighting back, and reportedly, the city plans to send an inspector to see if he’s in compliance.


Moury said he knows that under the city’s uniform development ordinance, he’s supposed to either scroll his messages or rotate them at intervals of no less than eight seconds.

His message to City Hall does neither. In swirls of bright colors and jittery, bold letters, Moury’s latest message reads: “Duke Power Bill $99/Electronic Sign $53K/The Ability to Tell City Hall To Kiss My Big White Hairy Butt?/Priceless.”

Moury said the city’s code doesn’t apply to his latest message because he believes it is protected political speech.

“I’m essentially daring them to write me a ticket because once they do, I will file a lawsuit,” Moury said.