The final budget document is still not available.  Here are some notes from the press conference:

Teaching Fellows money out

Eugenics compensation out

$251 Million restored to education

Tax credit for opportunity scholarships out but still in Education reform bill.

Flexibility to move positions to hire probation officers

Pathway to address Medicaid problems include. $275M in additional reserve or funds into Medicaid: $100M reserve into savings for Medicaid, rebates $212 M, $20 M for Medicaid contracts and settlements in next year; requires full audit of Medicaid, study to re-structure the whole thing

Tillis says surprises coming out of DHHS and Medicaid due to issues with management have been hard to deal with.

There will be another Medicaid fix bill this week.

$10.3M for community services in DHHS, $50 M to begin transition in adult care industry.

NCGA leadership has reached out to Governor asking her to consider “doing positive things with this budget” and either sign it into law or not act and let it go into law.  An alternative is the budget that was put in place last year for the two-year biennium.