Both John Hood and John Locke Foundation Director of Communications Mitch Kokai discussed the federal fiscal cliff during separate appearances this week on News 14 Carolina’s statewide “Capital Tonight” program. Hood also discussed other top political news, including North Carolina Democrats’ search for a new party chairman.

Vice President for Communications Jon Ham discussed the fiscal cliff during his latest appearance with Chad Adams on WLTT Radio’s morning show. Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops also earned radio air time this week. He discussed potential 2013 education reforms for North Carolina during an appearance with Matt Mittan on WZGM/WHKP. In addition to his radio appearance, Stoops served as a panelist in a discussion about performance pay for teachers during the Governor’s Education Transformation Commission meeting. He speaks today at a meeting of the N.C. Child Care Coalition in Durham.

Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray discussed outgoing Gov. Bev Perdue’s last-minute deals on a Supreme Court appointment and the Dorothea Dix property during an appearance on Curtis Media Group’s “People In Politics.” Gray continues her semiweekly politics and policy updates for WTSB Radio.